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All Play Shall Be Governed By USGA Rules.

2.1 – Neat and acceptable attire must be worn by all golfers.
2.2 – Appropriate shoes are required, no metal spikes are permitted.
2.3 – Male players must be attired in shirts with collars and sleeves, slacks or walking shorts. No tee shirts are permitted.
2.4 – Lady players must be attired in golf dresses, slacks, capri pants or walking shorts with appropriate blouses or sweaters. No tee shirts are permitted.
2.5 – No jeans, denims or beachwear will be permitted.

3.1 – Golf etiquette as prescribed by USGA will apply.
3.2 – Play for each nine (9) holes should not exceed two (2) hours and ten (10) minutes.
3.3 – Disciplinary action may result if a person’s conduct is deemed detrimental.

4.1 – The use of the cart shall be restricted to no more than two (2) persons and two (2) sets of clubs at one time. Each player must have a set of clubs. Only two (2) carts per foursome will be allowed. Use of additional carts must have prior approval of the Golf Professional.
4.2 – On days when, at the discretion of the Golf Course Superintendent or Golf Professional, wet grounds or other conditions, carts may be restricted.
4.3 – Carts shall be kept thirty (30) yards from green, unless on a cart path. Exceptions may be made for carts used by players with physical handicap privileges.
4.4 – Any player who has a physical handicap may make application, describing the disability, to the Golf Professional. The Golf Professional may grant permission for that person to drive off cart paths and approach within the limits of the greens. A list of such persons so exempted will be maintained and reviewed periodically for validity by the Golf Professional. During extreme weather conditions this privilege may be restricted of denied.
4.5 – No gasoline carts will be permitted on the golf courses, except those used for maintenance.
4.6 – Only individuals with a valid driver’s license will be allowed to operate a cart.
4.7 – All member carts shall display only current permits on the windshield of the cart. Otter Creek or Crane’s Roost permits shall be displayed on the lower drivers’ side facing forward and the dual Otter Creek and Crane’s Roost permits shall be displayed on the lower passenger side facing forward.
4.8 – Only those individuals who are registered to play golf or have approval from the Golf Professional shall be permitted on the golf courses. Non-golfing activities such as but not limited to jogging, walking, bicycle riding, fishing and golf ball hawking on the golf courses are prohibited.
4.9 – Carts on par three’s (3’s) on both golf courses will be limited to cart paths only, except for Crane’s Roost number three (3).
4.10 – The Plantation Residents Golf Club shall not be responsible for accidents due to negligence, carelessness or recklessness in the use of carts on any of the golf courses or golf facilities.
4.11 – All members who pay trail fees must use a member-owned cart. In instances such as, but not limited to, mechanical problems with the member-owned cart, club owned carts may be made available.

5.1 – Excluding taking lessons, practice on the greens, tees and fairways is prohibited. The consistent playing of more than one ball on the courses constitutes practicing.
5.2 – Use of the putting green is restricted to putting and low run shots.
5.3 – The teaching area of the practice range is to be used exclusively for teaching, by the Golf Professional or by permission granted by the Golf Professional.
5.4 – All balls used on the driving range must be purchased by pin numbers or range key obtained from the Pro Shop.
5.5 – Personal golf balls may not be used for practice in the sand trap, chipping green or driving range.
5.6 – Ball hawking on the practice range is prohibited. Any abuse of this shall be subject to suspension of golf privileges or other disciplinary action at the discretion of the Golf Professional.

6.1 – All players must register with the Pro Shop before starting play.
6.2 – Single players and twosomes will be required to pair up during peak playing times. Singles and twosomes have no pass through privileges on the golf courses.
6.3 – Fivesomes shall not be permitted.
6.4 – All non-members and Associate members must purchase and have in their possession a green fee receipt while on the golf courses.

7.1 – Pets are not permitted on the golf courses.
7.2 – Any changes to the golf courses must be approved by the Board of Directors and with written permission of the Greens Chairperson.

8.1 – Provisional Ball Permitting play of a provisional ball under Rule 26-1 for a ball that may be in a water hazard.
8.2 – Stones in Bunkers Allowing the removal of stones in bunkers by declaring them to be movable obstructions @ Rule 24-1.
8.3 – Distance Measuring Devices PRGC Board of Directors has adopted the local rule permitting the use of distance measuring devices. Rule/Decision 14-3/0.5.

Revised 5/30/2018
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