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The Plantation Golf Club includes two Championship Golf Courses, Otter Creek and Cranes Roost, plus a Pro Shop, practice facilities and a restaurant. The Otter Creek Course is situated along the banks of the Palatlakaha River and Cranes Roost stretches over the rolling hills of the central Florida Highlands Ridge. The picturesque landscaping, carved out of nature’s own imprint, offers fascinating views and a relaxing environment for an extraordinary golfing experience.

The Plantation Golf Club runs a very active golf program and tournament schedule involving both members and outside groups. We have an active Men’s Program, Women`s Program and Couples Program for our members. There is an active group for every level of golfer at the Plantation. You do not need to be a Plantation at Leesburg resident to be a member of PGC. If you have any questions about the club contact us at prgolfclub@comcast.net or call us at (352) 365-0526.


The golf courses at the Plantation, The Otter Creek and The Cranes Roost golf courses, are under the Management of the Plantation Residents Golf Club. We are currently offering membership to our residents and the public in general. Click the Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for information on the latest meeting.

The PRGC is offering three types of memberships and two associated memberships

• Must purchase an equity share at the price established by the Board of Directors (currently $1,000)
• Monthly dues of $299.00 (plus tax)
• Membership to both Otter Creek and Cranes Roost courses
• Preferred tee times and other special benefits only available to Equity Members (see Benefits for Equity Members below)

Membership Benefits

• Membership to both courses
• Reduced Monthly Dues
• Preferred tee times over other types of members and the general public
• Four coupons for free play for guests
• Out of state guests of equity members get $5 off the prevailing rate when accompanied by an equity member
• A 10% discount off list price for pro shop merchandise
• Can purchase$100.00 worth of range balls for $70.00 and a $5.00 deposit for the ball machine key.
• Board of Directors comprised of Equity Members only
• Equity Members have voting rights

• PRGC shall have right of first refusal
• All share prices will be established and published by the PRGC Board of Directors
• The PRGC will offer Equity Memberships to those on the waiting list on a first come first served basis.
• The PRGC may repurchase Charter Equity Shares, if offered, and split into 5 Golf • • Equity Memberships
If you need more information, you may call (352) 365-0526 or
contact us at email address prgolfclub@comcast.net

• Charter members: 14 days in advance
• Equity members: 10 days in advance
• Public: 7 days in advance
For a membership application contact the Pro Shop at 365-0526 or prgolfclub@comcast.net.


To make a Membership inquiry, please fill in the form below.
A member of our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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