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Greens Committee


Greens Chairperson – Marc Crouch
General Manager – Nick Slattery
Head Golf Pro – Justin Mouser
Golf Superintendent – Sam Ellison
Asst. Golf Superintendent – Matt Tuck
Chairperson: Otter Creek Hole Captains – Dave Smith
Chairperson: Cranes Roost Hole Captains – Annette Kreisek



Jeanette Arnold
Hank Lopez
Roger Diehl
Larry Steimle
Dave Gamble
Bob Stapp


The mission statement of the Greens Committee is to report conditions of playability on Cranes Roost, Otter Creek and the surrounds of the PRGCproperties. The committee will present these conditions in a constructive manner to DTE Plantation LLCat monthly meetings when called by the director in coordination with the golf course superintendent. The meetings will address the level of maintenance appropriate for day-to-day golfing activity and resolve concerns that conform to the scope of work in the lease agreement. These meetings will review golf course conditions that have been brought forward by the Hole Captains Chairpersons, members, residents, and guests.

All Greens Committee members and Hole Captains shall be PRGCmembers in good standing. Members must understand the game of golf and be willing to be advised and learn from the golf course superintendent or representative of DTE Plantation LLC. By serving as a member of the Greens Committee you are to serve the best interests of the golf club and its members, not for your own personal interests.

The Greens Director will chair the meeting. The chair will be responsible to decide what issues are in the scope and direct the appropriate person to take necessary action for resolution. The Greens Director will send meeting notices with an agenda and keep a list of open/closed issues. Out of scope issues will be prioritized by the committee and referred to the Board of Directors.

The committee will support and communicate polices and guidelines set forth by the Director of Golf and the Lessee. The following will make up the committee:

• The Chairperson: appoints Cranes Roost – Otter Creek Chairs and Secretary
• Cranes Roost Captains Chair: selects Hole Captains from volunteers
• Otter Creek Captains Chair: selects Hole Captains from volunteers
• PRGC members: volunteers approved by Chairperson secretary
• Director of Golf
• Golf Course Superintendent / DTE Plantation LLC representative

These posittons will be filled before the first Greens Committee meeting after the PRGC annual meeting in JanuaryResignation of members or Hole Captains will be by letter to the Greens Committee Chairperson or Hole Captain Chair. A Chairperson may remove a member/volunteer only when or if necessary for the benefit of the committee and vacancies will be filled by appointment by the appropriate Chairperson.

The Secretary duties shall be, but not limited to recording the minutes of the meetings and distributing them. Distribution will be to each committee member via email and to the Men’s, ladies’ locker room and Golf Shop bulletin boards. A copy of the minutes will also be given to the Secretary of the Board of directors for posting on our website.

The Hole Captain Chairpersons duties shall be to form a group of volunteers to be Hole Captains. The Hole Captain Chairperson will decide how many are needed and assign hole responsibilities to them. The Hole Captain Chair will conduct meetings when called and prepare a fair and unbiased report, reflecting the input from each Hole Captain. The report will be emailed to the Superintendent for response at the next meeting. The Superintendent will supply copies to all members with his responses. The Hole Captain Chair will provide feedback to the Hole Captains after each meeting. The Hole Captains report should focus on general conditions using the appropriate form.

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